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So I woke up really thirsty and reached over to take a drink of water. Searching in the dark, I found a glass and took a giant glug a lug, then started to sputter. Turns out I grabbed the wrong glass which was full of straight root-beer flavored vodka. Nice start to my day at 5:30 am.

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Forest Fire by Piero di Cosimo, c.1500

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St. Bartholomew elegantly wears his flayed skin as a stole thrown around his shoulder, c. 1480

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Cupid the Honey Thief, 1514 by Albrecht Dürer

According to the fable told by the Greek poet Theocritus, in his Idylls, Venus laughs and says: ‘Are you not just like the bee - so little yet able to inflict such painful wounds?’

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My peanut has a peanut stuck in his nose. And he’s never sounded happier.

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office upgrade, temporary but I’ll take what I can get when I can get it

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I like your profile,i love medieval thinghs and history,nice to meet your job!
Asked by franciscodossantos

Thanks, if only I could have more time in my day to spend on reading and art that would be a dream :)

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Be strong and be brave.

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The Turkish Bath by Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres, 1862

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Summer’s fading out :(