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I look sinister, and Winston always looks serious. It’s really quite the opposite…

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Thanks, always wanted to be a ninja turtle! Love to the husband

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Pointing to a comet in the sky, c.1360-1375

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Demon plays the fife and drum, c. 1275-1325

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Tiger of Thebes, c.1275-1300

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The Stolen Kiss, c.1787-1789 by Jean-Honoré Fragonard

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Ars Moriendi (The Art of Dying) c. 1470

"The Ars Moriendi was the most popular and broadly circulated of all the block books, dealing with a subject never far from one’s thoughts - the hopes and fears of the living. During a period when successive plagues decimated cities, kings and nobles, rich and poor, worried about the hereafter and its possible rewards or punishments. The illustrations in the Ars Moriendi showed angels protecting the good, and demons torturing the sinner.

This book was almost a necessity, for the clergy, overworked as it was, did not always arrive in time to offer solace to the dying. Through the study of this book, man was instructed in how to meet Death and how to avoid the temptations - Impatience, Pride, Avarice, etc. The final scene is one of triumph, for at the hour of death all temptations have been resisted. The enraged demons acknowledge their impotence and fly off to try again at another bedside.”

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The Banker and His Wife by Marinus van Reymerswale, 16th century

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the universe is just one great big ocean we’re all steadily drowning in…

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Let’s get inked :)