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The Lovers by Riza-yi `Abbasi, c.1630

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Empress Faustina is Beheaded, c.1405-1409

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A mosaic of Spring, and a personification of abundance and good living, 2nd century A.D.

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Personal lesson - If you drop a heavy stoneware pot on your foot, you gonna have a bad time….

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Cześć, how goes life? :)

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Fredegonde burns the witches, c.1493

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-- Game of Thrones fans everywhere (via lorasmargaerytyrell)

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Old Man of the Mountain watches dancing in a false paradise, surrounded by fantastic creatures, c.1410-1420

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Bacchus, Roman god of wine and agriculture c. 1496-1498

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A bestiary on monkeys, c.1185

According to the Bestiary, mother monkeys love one baby but neglect the other. When being hunted, the mother will carry the favourite one in her arms, leaving the other to cling on behind, but when she gets tired she will drop the one from her arms and only the unloved baby will survive.