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The dirtier the better, that’s what I always say ;)

15/07/14 - 2 notes

Prepping for two wedding of my most loverly darlings is taking up a bit of time.

After this weekend I’ll be free to devote some time here. I’ve been exposed to too much cutesy wedding stuff. I need my dark and dramatic art.

07/07/14 - 3 notes

Winston meets Podgie, our friend’s pot belly pig :)

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A siren pulling a sailor from a boat by the hair, while another sailor stops his ears to avoid hearing the siren’s song. A centaur holds a bow below. c.1225-1275

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A peacock, c. 1236

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Two satyrs, one with an axe and a shield, the other with a snake c.1326

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The herb Ypericon repelling a demon, c. 1440

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Miniature of a lion, a leopard, a rabbit, and an elephant, c. 1440

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When I tell you that you are being diplomatic, it usually means you are so full of shit and sugar coating it.

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The Harlot Seated on the Beast, 1375-1379